What do I do if my fees are being paid by a sponsor/employer?

If a sponsor/employer wants to pay your fees, you will need to fill out a 'Notification of Sponsorship' form. This form must be filled out in full, stating the duration of your sponsorship arrangement and how much your sponsor is contributing towards your fees. Your sponsor may be generous enough to not only pay your tuition fees but may nominate on the form if they wish to pay other fees, such as the Student Services Amenity Fee (SSAF) or Overseas Health Cover (OSHC).

The form must include at least two contacts from your third party sponsor and must be accompanied by an original and official letter (on letterhead) from the institution/organisation sponsoring you. Also, the form must be submitted by the end of week 1 (of the teaching period you are enrolled in) and must be signed by both you (the student) and your sponsor for the sponsorship to be recognised by the University. Please be aware that if any amounts remain unpaid by the sponsor, you remain liable for any amounts outstanding.

If you transfer or change course you must complete another Notification of Sponsorship form. The sponsorship is only recognised for the course listed on the Notification of Sponsorship form and it is your responsibility to notify both your sponsor and the University about any changes in your circumstances.

Please Note: Individuals, such as your parents or family members, cannot be registered as sponsors. Any family sponsorship arrangements will not be recognised by the University of Canberra.


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