Who do I contact if I have a disability or health condition and I need support?

If you need support for a disability or health condition you can contact the Inclusion and Engagement Office, who can assist you negotiate academic adjustments for your studies.

In order to facilitate this you will need to register with the Inclusion and Engagement Office and have an appointment with an Inclusion Advisor. Appointments usually take half an hour and you will need to provide medical documentation that outlines the nature and impact of your condition during your appointment.  

Depending on the nature of your condition and the impact on your studies, documents required may be one or several of the following:

  • a health practitioner report completed by your treating medical professional. Copies of these forms are available from our office.
  • an assessment from your allied health practitioner (i.e. speech therapist, psychologist) stating what your disability is and suggested ways in which we may assist you within your studies.
  • a statement from your GP stating the injury, likely recovery time and the impact of any prescribed related medications (e.g. for broken arms, knee surgery).
  • a support letter from a treating professional (e.g. social worker, carer support worker) stating the impact of your situation on your studies.

Phone:          +61 2 6201 5233
TTY:               +61 2 6251 4601
Email:            inclusion@canberra.edu.au
Location:      Building 1 Level B Room 156 (opposite UC Medical and Counselling).



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