What adjustments are possible for students with a disability or health condition?

Inclusion and Engagement support is available to your whether your condition is permanent, fluctuating or temporary. Eligibility is determined at a registration appointment with an Inclusion Advisor, where you can also discuss any adjustments you need to assist your learning, and create a Reasonable Adjustment Plan.

Once finalised, your Reasonable Adjustment Plan will be distributed electronically. You may elect to have yours distributed to your Unit Convenors via the following two methods:

  1. Inclusion and Engagement Distribution – your Reasonable Adjustment Plan will be emailed directly from our office to the Unit Convenor of each of your enrolled units every semester/term that you are registered for adjustments.
  2. Self Distribution – Your Reasonable Adjustment Plan will be emailed to your student email account every semester/term. You will need to provide a copy of your Reasonable Adjustment Plan to your Unit Convenors within 5 business days to receive your adjustments.

The Associate Dean's (Education) oversee the implementation of reasonable adjustments within each Faculty. Inclusion and Engagement will provide the ADE's with a list of students who are currently enrolled in unit(s) in any given semester/term and who are receiving reasonable adjustments. 

How long are my reasonable adjustments valid for?

Your reasonable adjustments run in line with the validity of your medical documentation. You will be contacted via your student email account when you will need to attend a review appointment with an Inclusion Advisor. You will also be advised if your medical documentation requires updating in this email.  

Please contact Inclusion and Engagement for an earlier review if:

  • you have any queries regarding your adjustments
  • there are any changes to your disability and/or health condition(s)
  • if you require assistance further to that listed in your current Reasonable Adjustment Plan.

Should you have any queries regarding the validity of your reasonable adjustments please feel free to contact the Inclusion and Engagement office any time.


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