How do I defer my offer?

We understand that sometimes a delaying your course start date may be required. Please be aware though that some courses are not available for deferral. A list of courses that are not available for deferral can be found under the deferral guidelines.

Domestic Students

If you are a domestic student and would like to defer your offer, you will need to log in to the application portal and submit your request online by following the instructions below.

  1. Log in to the application portal and select 'My Applications'.
  2. Select 'Respond to Offer' from the 'Actions' drop-down menu option for the offer you want to defer. The drop down button is on the right side.
  3. This will take you to a new page where you can choose from three options: accept, reject or defer your offer. These options will be visible at the bottom of the page and appear as checkboxes.
  4. Select 'Defer Offer' and choose the intake you now wish to commence. Only available intakes are listed.
  5. Once you have selected the desired intake, press the 'Defer Offer' button.

The status of your application will update to ‘Deferral Requested’. Our Admissions team will assess your request and respond to you with an outcome as soon as possible. If accepted, Admissions will send a new Offer Letter with the updated course dates.

You will be emailed a new offer closer to the new commencement date of your course (approximately 3 months prior to your new start date). Your new offer letter will outline how to accept your offer; however please ensure that your email and postal address remain up-to-date. If, for some reason your deferral cannot be processed, you will be contacted by the University.

If you are a current student and wish to take a break from your studies, you will need to submit an Intermission/Leave of Absence Form (LOA) to the Student Centre.

International Students

If you are an international student and wish to change your start date, you will need to email and request a 'revised offer' from the International Admissions Office. As deferring your studies will affect your course commencement date and your confirmation of enrolment (CoE), you will need to have revised documents sent in order to apply for your student visa. When submitting your request, please ensure you include the following information:

  • full name
  • course name and course code
  • date of birth
  • a clear statement of the teaching period you wish to commence your studies (please note this is subject to course availability).

Once your request has been processed by the International Admissions Office, you will be emailed with your revised offer and new confirmation of enrolment.

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