Where can I find information regarding accommodation/residences on or off campus?

Where you live while studying can set the tone for your uni life. Choosing where to live depends on your budget and your living style (i.e. do you want to live with lots of people on campus, or do you prefer less people in off-campus accommodation?).


You can find information regarding accommodation/residences on- or off-campus at Campus Accommodation.


The University of Canberra's Student Associations' Advocacy and Policy Officer provides information about on-campus accommodation and helps students search for off-campus accommodation.


Advocacy and Policy Officers do not place students in accommodation but do provide information and assistance to help students find suitable accommodation.


Phone: +61 2 6201 2000
Email: advocacy@theucsa.org.au
Location: University of Canberra Student Association, Building 1, University Concourse


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