Can I still accept my offer after the acceptance deadline?

Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Canberra. If you haven't accepted your offer yet and the deadline has passed you may still be able to accept. Below are details of the acceptance process depending on the type of student you are and which course you are studying:


Domestic Students

If you are a domestic student you can normally accept your offer up until the Friday before week 1 of the teaching period. From the beginning of week 1, you will need to contact the Student Centre to see if there are additional requirements, such as late enrolment fees, unit/course convenor approval or Dean/Director approval. Late acceptance is not encouraged as it can lead to missing vital information with reduced enrolment and timetabling opportunities.

International Students

If you are an international student the University advises that you accept your offer as soon as possible in order to apply and receive your student visa in time to commence your study. If you are unable to get your student visa in time to arrive in Australia by your commencement date, you will need to email and request a 'revised offer' from the International Admissions Office. This will affect your course commencement date and your confirmation of enrolment (CoE); therefore, you will need to have revised documents sent in order to apply for your student visa.

Ranked Courses and High-demand Courses

Some courses at UC have limited places available and are very competitive. Because of this, admission to these courses is often conducted in a ranking process. An offer to a ranked or other high-demand course typically has a 2 week timeframe to accept. After this time, the University may withdraw your offer. Be sure to check your offer letter carefully for your acceptance deadline. If you have concerns about being able to accept your offer in this time, please contact the Admissions Office and we may be able to extend your acceptance deadline. For more information, including a list of ranked courses, please refer to the ranked courses page.

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