What do the codes mean on the timetable?

Your timetable has been organised to include a letter/number key to identify the different types of classes you attend. The main keys on the University timetable are outlined below:

Key  Definition


Computer LabComputer labs are based in a room with either a university computer on each desk, or have seating space available for students to use their own personal devices.


StudioStudio classes are usually associated with units from the design/architecture disciplines. Studios are held where students are required to undertake activities such as drawing and model making.


LectureThese classes are where the majority of the unit content is provided/presented by the convenor. Lectures usually involve a presentation by the speaker and can sometimes involve audience interaction.


LaboratoryLaboratories or 'labs' are used to run practical classes, generally from the science/health disciplines. Laboratories are fitted with sinks, gas lines, fume hoods and other equipment suitable to the unit. In most circumstances safety clothing is required to enter the labs.


SeminarSeminars are similar to lectures but tend to have more interaction with the audience compared to a traditional lecture. Seminars also generally run longer than a lecture.


TutorialTutorials are classes where information provided at lectures can be put into practice. Generally, tutorial time consists of discussions or activities.


WorkshopWorkshops are similar to tutorials but often have a more practical component. Workshops tend to be used interchangeably with tutorials (i.e. one week you may have a tutorial, and the next week you may attend a workshop).

You may also see the following less common keys used:

Key Definition


Module A module class runs across a discrete 3 week block over the semester rather than the typical weekly classes. 


Drop InDrop in classes will be distinguished by the written description denoting that it is a 'drop in session'. This is not a mandatory class and you will not be able to allocate yourself in the timetable system Allocate+. These classes are read only and appear only for your information.

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