Peter Gately
Chancellor's Award for Service & Philanthropy (Winner)

Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education, 1989

From surveyor to missionary and founder of the Sails Ocean Sails program, Peter Gately has come a long way since his graduation from CCAE in 1989. An education student at the time, Peter has taken his teaching skills into maritime training schools overseas where fishermen are in desperate need of lifesaving training.

While doing missionary work in 2000 in the Pacific Islands, Peter became aware of a little-known problem. Fisherman rely on dinghies to take them out to sea which can pose a huge problem when they run out of petrol far from land. Fisherman can drift for days on end or not return at all.

In 2005, Peter founded Sails Ocean Sails with no external funding as a program to redistribute old sails from Australian sailing and yachting clubs to fishermen in developing countries.

Peter believes that every moment of every day is a gift and it is up to us to use that gift in the best possible way.


Arts and Humanities; Education