Deborah Bower
Chancellor's Young Alumni Award (Finalist)

Doctor of Philosophy, Applied Science, 2012

At 34 years of age, Deborah Bower is head of the Laboratory of Applied Zoology and Ecological Restoration at the University of New England and is achieving significant outcomes for conservation.

Deborah is achieving this through her extensive research profile including over 40 peer-reviewed journals. Deb has won over $500,000 in grant funding to direct towards these research outputs.

Deborah’s research in Applied Ecology focusses on understanding and mitigating threats to wildlife through experimental and empirical ecology and community engagement. More specifically, Deborah’s research focusses on the conservation of rainforest frogs in the wet tropics of Australia and Papua New Guinea where she has examined the impacts of disease on population structure. Deborah works with a team of researchers in PNG to establish frog conservation programs and to understand how to best prepare for future changes to their wildlife populations from climate change and disease.

When Deb isn’t saving the frogs, she works tirelessly to help make University level science accessible to everyone. Deb uses her role at UNE to expose high school children to science and support underrepresented groups by supervising HDR students who are Indigenous, women or English as a second language speakers.


Environmental Science; Science