Medy Hassan
Chancellor's Alumni Award Finalist

Bachelor of Applied Science, 1988

With over 25 years' experience in property and construction, Mèdy Hassan's national contribution to the industry has been great, and his drive, determination and energy have produced exceptional educational , medical and specialist research institutes at universities and hospitals around Australia. As Managing Director of Haus Holdings, a specialised property, construction and advisory group, Mèdy provides bespoke services to the property and construction markets including strategy and feasibility, start-up and risk management, project and construction management, property development, long term investment strategy and asset value improvement.

Mèdy has previously held positions on the Property Council's ACT Division Council and as Chair of the ACT Residential Committee. For over 10 years he was Chair of the Property Council's ACT Awards judging panel, and for the past five years has been a national judge and the Property Council's representative for the Australia Award for Urban Design. Medy is currently Vice President of the ACT Property Council, is a member of the Queensland Building Construction Commissions Industry Reference Group and serves as an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University & Deputy Chair of the Board for the Centre for Integrated Projects Solutions.