Danny Maher
Alumni Excellence Education, Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths Finalist

Bachelor Computing Studies, 1993

Danny Maher has forged a highly successful career in the IT industry, becoming a global leader in his field and being named Australian CEO of the year for 2015. Danny is a passionate contributor to the Australian IT ecosystem and business community, and is the Chairman and CEO of Opmantek, one of the world's leading open source network management software companies.

Opmantek is the current Australian ICT Exporter of the Year and a winner in the American Business Awards. Under Danny's management, the Opmantek business has grown to support a customer base of over 60,000 organisations in 130 countries globally.  Every 6 minutes a new organisation implements an Opmantek product making Opmantek one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies in the world. Danny is a passionate sharer of knowledge and driver of innovative "open source commercial thinking" – a commercial model where thought leaders from around the world are encouraged to share knowledge and the source code to the software is openly distributed while commercial organisations can still profit from the intellectual property.

Danny has earned a reputation as a respected business mentor, regularly donating his time and expertise to accelerator and incubator programs to assist new businesses in commercialising their technology ideas.


Information Technology