Azeema Adam
Alumni Excellence Business Government & Law Finalist

Bachelor Applied Economics, 1998, PhD Economics, 2012

Azeema Adam is a two-time graduate from the University of Canberra.  In April 2014 she was appointed as the Governor of the central bank of the Maldives, becoming the first female to be appointed to the position.  In this position Azeema has taken key initiatives in modernising and developing the country's financial sector and introducing important financial instruments. She also plays a significant role in the economic policy making and strategic management of the country's economy. Azeema has given several keynote addresses at international financial forums, especially in the area of Islamic finance.  She has drawn attention, in the international arena, to the unique challenges facing small-island developing states in generating financing for economic development, and in building economic resilience.

In her PhD research, Azeema developed an in-depth analysis of the most effective exchange rate system for the Maldives, whose economy is heavily reliant on foreign currencies. This research has fed directly into her current work, shaping economic policies on currency exchange. Azeema has previously held the positions of Assistant Governor and Chief Economist at the Maldives Monetary Authority before becoming the Governor. Azeema has two young children and her husband is the Foreign Secretary of the Maldives. She strives to maintain a balance between the demands of a family and that of a professional.


Accounting Banking Economics and Finance