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Webinar Series

As one of the many benefits of being a part of our alumni community, you will now get access to our monthly webinar series.

The webinar series will focus on a range of different topics that will discuss business, health, lifestyle, wellness and many more. The idea of the webinar series is to offer all of our alumni regardless of location access to the amazing content we are privileged to access at the click of a button.

Past Webinars

Wednesday 23 October - Buying Your First Home & Paying It Off

Hosted by Certified Financial Planner Michael Miller and Nitish Kumak, Mortgage Broker, this webinar explored practical advice to buying your first home.

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Wednesday 18 September - Blending Business & Babies 

Presented by award-winning entrepreneur, best selling author and organisational guru Lorraine Murphy, we learnt about blending career and families, managing the parent guilt and filling up your wellness cup so you can be the best version of yourself in all facets of your life.

Lorraine shares her biggest lessons when it comes to blending families with careers, covering time management, mindset and the indispensable life systems she recommends to working parents.

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Wednesday 31 July, 2019 - How to Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn

Presented by LinkedIn Marketing Expert Lucy Bingle, we learnt about building your presence on LinkedIn to develop your business networks.

Participants learnt about:

  • Why you should be on LinkedIn
  • What a good LinkedIn profile looks like and how to stand out from the crowd
  • How to grow a valuable network
  • Community engagement

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Wednesday 26 June, 2019 - Mental Health in the Workplace

Presented by Erin Quinane of the Mental Health Group, we learnt about mental health in Australia and the world ad the current impact mental ill health has on our businesses and our economy. We learnt about the drivers of mental health as an employee and an employer and the differences in how both of these stakeholders think and act.

Participants learnt about:

  • the current state of play in mental health
  • mental health in the workplace
  • the role of leaders to manage mental health
  • better practice examples to direct us towards a  brighter future
  • an understanding of Erin's cutting-edge research and responses from global CEO's about organisational readiness to manage mental health
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Wednesday 29 May 2019 - High Society: The Future of Law

What would the future of law look like if Australia were to legalise cannabis? Please join us for our first University of Canberra Alumni Webinar, 'High Society'The future of law in legalising cannabis.

Judge of the Superior Court of California (retired), Eugene Hyman, will present a live and interactive webinar on the impact and potential changes to the law if cannabis were to become legal in Australia.