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About Us


This is a university that cares about its staff. It knows that excellent researchers and teachers encourage excellent results, and professional general staff provide smooth and efficient management, all of which enhances the student experience.

The University enjoys strong leadership with a very clear vision for the future. As a result of recent progress and its rapid expansion, UC offers unique opportunities to both the career minded academic and general staff member.

For academics, if you enjoy learning and sharing your discoveries you'll enjoy working here. You'll also find that you are rewarded with an accelerated career path. We want academics who are ambitious researchers and who love learning and teaching.

To help you reach your potential as an early career academic we have radically shortened the long road to the top. We have reduced the traditional 25 steps to just '10 steps to the top', introducing the level of Assistant Professor to streamline progress.

Our valued general staff also enjoy career acceleration opportunities and are encouraged to improve their knowledge and qualifications through a range of development programs.

The University of Canberra wants people who are looking for careers rather than jobs and focuses on providing an ideal environment in which staff can enjoy professional and personal growth.

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