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The following resources provide useful information for high school students and school staff. These include publications and brochures relating to UC's Outreach Initiatives. Suggested links to other websites are listed below, providing relevant information to assist with the transition from high school to university.

The University of Canberra website features up-to-date information on a range of topics which assist new students. A few places to start include:

The Australian Government ‘Beyond School Study Guide’ has a range of important information about the differences between the qualifications received from university or VET study, fee implications, and study assistance available.

The Country Education Foundation (CEF) of Australia website provides a range of information for local school-leavers in rural and regional communities. Check out the University Survival Guide for Rural and Regional Students to help you survive and thrive at uni. CEF also has scholarships available for rural and regional students outlined in the CEF Scholarships Guide.

The Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) website allows students to explore their options and apply for courses for tertiary study in NSW and ACT. Check out the information about Equity Scholarships and search for undergraduate courses. UAC also provides access to a great range of FAQ resources for students.

Further Education is for everyone! The Make Your Mark website provides information for students considering higher education. You can hear real life experiences about how other people are using further education to make their mark.

The myfuture website looks at helping students discover their career path, exploring all different options. The website also outlines education and training pathways for various careers.

The Australian Government Department of Human Services provides information on financial assistance for Australian students. Find out if if you are eligible for Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY.

A Breakdown on University Costs

Are you unsure about how expensive university actually is? Check out Widening Participation's guide, which breakdowns the costs associated with studying at university. This guide provides easy to understand information on a range of financial information relevant to commencing university students. Click on this link to open the pdf document (507 KB) in a new tab - University Costs Booklet.

Widening Participation Activities Guide

This activities guide provides various examples of the activities delivered by the Widening Participation team, both in-school and on-campus. Activities are tailored to different year levels and link to key learning areas from the Australian Curriculum and the four UC faculties' (subject areas). Click on this link to open the pdf document (476 KB) in a new tab - Widening Participation Activities Guide.

Aspire UC Outreach Program

Aspire UC has gone online! Raising Aspirations is Widening Participation’s series on online modules developed for our partner schools to assist students in making informed decisions about their post-school options. The modules involve interactive videos, discussion boards and quizzes, students are encouraged to reflect on their skills and interests, hear from current UC students, and create their own career plan. The modules can be completed as a class or by students individually. For more information visit the Raising Aspirations page

UC 4 Yourself

Don't know what a UC 4 Yourself Experience Day involves? Check out this flyer for information about this opportunity for students to visit the University of Canberra and find out where uni could lead them. UC 4 Yourself days are also highlighted in the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education's publication; Access and Participation in Higher Education, refer to pages 50-51. Click on this link to open the pdf document (161 KB) in a new tab - UC 4 Yourself Information Flyer.

Stronger Smarter Leadership Program

Many school staff participate in the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program, as part of the partnership between UC and the Stronger Smarter Institute. This flyer provides insight into what the program involves and the benefits of participating. Click here to visit the Stronger Smarter website.

The Aspiration Initiative

The partnership between UC and the Aurora Project to deliver The Aspiration Initiative is highlighted within the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education's publication; Partnerships in Higher Education, refer to pages 46-47.

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