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Student Wellbeing


Our Student Wellbeing team provides individualised support and information to help you navigate your journey at UC in the best way possible.

We are an experienced team of wellbeing professionals, passionate about ensuring that all students are supported in a meaningful way. We acknowledge that there are many factors that may impact you throughout your studies, and these can be one-off, ongoing or impact you suddenly.


We provide confidential advice, referrals, support and guidance with any challenge or concern that you may face. We can provide you support with any of the following:

If you are impacted by accommodation or housing concerns, or would like advice, support or guidance with finding immediate, short term and/or long term accommodation, please connect with our team.

Book with our team to discuss your options further.

If you are impacted by domestic or family conflict or violence, you can meet with a member of our team for confidential support.

There are also a number of support organisations in our UC community.

Wellbeing can support you if you are finding the move to Canberra, or your experience at UC, isolating or lonely.

We have a range of resources, programs and supports for you.

There are a range of financial support programs available for University of Canberra students.

Check out Financial Support @ UC for more information.

We are committed to ensuring that all members of our UC community are supported, included, celebrated and feel safe.

You can meet with our team in a safe and supportive space to discuss any thoughts, questions or feelings that you have with regards to your gender identity, gender expression, gender affirmation, self-identification or sexuality.

There is also a wide range of support in our ACT community. Check out and connect with:

  • Gender Rights - peer support for gender diverse and intersex people in the ACT
  • Meridian ACT - a range of wellbeing services for LGBTQIA+ people including free psychological support

Experiencing grief and loss can impact us in ways that we may not be able to anticipate and at times can find difficult to navigate. Our Wellbeing team can provide support to you and connect you with relevant services at UC and in the community for guidance and support at this time.

Many aspects of your life may be impacted, and this may include your engagement with your studies. For information and support with amendments or changes with your assessments or your units due to these circumstances, see these resources:

For further support, advice or guidance, please connect with our team.

Student Wellbeing can provide support with navigating the appeals and grievance processes. We can also support you if you have been impacted by a conduct matter.

Find out more:

The Student Advocacy team provide free, independent and confidential support service provided by the UC SRC. Find out more and connect here.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of immediate support, please contact 000 and connect with Emergency Services.

If you have been impacted by assault or violence there is a lot of support available to you at UC and in the broader community. Student Wellbeing can support you to connect with relevant services and navigate further support.

See this resource for an overview of support available to UC students.

UC is committed to ensuring that all students feel safe on campus. If you are impacted by an incident on campus, please connect with support:

UC Security are available 24/7 and can be contacted on 02 6201 2222.

Student Wellbeing can provide information and support about sexual health, consent, assault, and harassment, and the support services available for you.

Reaching out for support if you have been impacted by gender-based, and/or sexual assault, harassment or violence can feel overwhelming.

Our Wellbeing team can provide information, guidance and support to you in a confidential and safe setting. We can also connect you with a wide range of support in our community.

Respect on Campus

The University of Canberra has specific policies in place for both students and employees of the University to protect them against unacceptable behaviour.

Find out more - Respect. Now. Always

Stress is a natural response - there are good and bad types of stress, and it can impact us differently at different times and in different ways.

Check out the amazing resources and supports our Medical and Counselling team have pulled together for students:

Connect with our team and/or reach out to Medical and Counselling if stress is having a negative impact on you, or you have any concerns about feeling anxious or unwell.

Many factors can impact on our ability to study successfully. We have a wide range of resources and support at UC available to all students.

In extenuating circumstances, you may be able to apply for an Enrolment Amendment. Contact Wellbeing for support with this process. We can also support you to navigate the process of applying for assessment extensions or deferred exams.

  • Study Skills @ UC has a wide range of support programs and services to support students.