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infrastructure and support to encourage sustainable modes of transport to campus, reducing the impact of University related travel

What UC is doing


The University continues to invest in bicycle infrastructure including bicycle racks located close to teaching spaces and end-of-trip facilities. We will continue this investment to encourage campus users to cycle to the University, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and easing access to car parking spaces, especially during peak periods.

Several repair stations are also scattered across campus for the public to use.

What you can do

The University is working hard to promote a healthy and active campus culture. We have provided some options which you should consider as alternative forms of transport to the University.


If you live close by to our Bruce campus, consider walking. You will not need to worry about parking and you can save money and improve your physical activity.


Cycling facilities are available across the UC Campus and this is a great option for campus users. Several bike racks and stations are positioned around campus, along with end-of-trip facilities.

Catch a bus

Catching a bus can mean a stress free trip to campus and time to read a book, listen to music or catch up on your social networking. Buses frequently drop off and pick up at College Street and if you need transport at work you can take your bike along for the ride. Purchasing a MyWay card can save you money on fares and can be topped up online. For information on timetables and fares go to the Transport Canberra website.


Carpooling involves linking up with fellow students and colleagues who live near you to share the cost of travelling to campus and halve the carbon emissions of your travel.