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Built Environment

Across Australia, government departments, households, corporations, councils, universities and schools are combining to cut energy usage and carbon emissions reduce the impact of global warming. The University is committed to reducing our green house gas emissions through ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

We can a achieve a reduction in energy use by making simple changes to the way we do things.

What is UC doing

Upgrading old plant

The upgrade of old plant and equipment provides the opportunity to replace aged and inefficient infrastructure with new. This results in enhanced function and lower operational and maintenance costs, all at a lower emissions profile. Replacing aged heating, ventilation and cooling plant also assists in increasing the thermal comfort of campus buildings.

Refurbishment approach

UC is committed to undertake a design process that incorporates Environmentally Sustainable Design Principles (ESD). The approach is designed to unite the need for good design, reduced operational costs and increased building amenity. The university is in the process of developing Minimum Design Standards in order to achieve this.

Building management system

Feeling hot or cold?? The UC Building Management System is in the process of a staged upgrade. When complete, the new system will enable Campus Estate to closely monitor and manage plant, equipment and lighting within UC buildings, enabling us to maximise building use efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

What you can do

  • Switch off lights in teaching spaces, meeting rooms and offices when you leave
  • Switch off lights and computer monitors when you leave a room for more than 15 minutes, when you go to lunch, and especially when you leave
  • Log off PCs (as opposed to shutting down or locking) at the end of every day. This will allow software applications to be installed or upgraded on an ongoing basis.
  • Turn off appliances over weekends and campus breaks.

Be climate clever: Dress for the weather

When summer ends dress in warmer clothes. Living in Canberra means living in layers. Thermals and clothing layers that can be added or taken off in response to changes in indoor and outdoor temperature are a must in this climate.
Resist bringing personal heating and cooling devices to campus - they confuse the thermostats in buildings. While you may be warm, other building users will suffer as the heating and cooling systems shut off in response to the additional heat in thermostat zones.