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UC SignPost Community Garden

The UC SignPost Community Garden is aimed at strengthening the University community though positive student and staff experiences. A place of gathering and learning, the garden is foremost a teaching garden and a forum where members and the university community can share ideas, interests, and experiences.

The garden is run by students, staff volunteers and locals, and aims to bring together the university community to learn about sustainability, ecology, food and nutrition and heritage using the ecological systems contained within the garden. The garden is chemical free and run using organic principles and sound ecological practices.

To find out more, follow us on Instagram at UC_Signpost

UC Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club aims to create a platform for students to share ideas and educate each other on different sustainability issues prominent on and off campus. Small choices we make every day have a larger impact than you may think and if we can be more open and mindful about consumption/waste on campus it will hopefully spark a change that soon becomes the norm!

To find out more contact or follow us on facebook at UC Sustainability Club

UC Environmental Science Society

The UC Environmental Science Society caters to students studying or interested in environmental science. The society aims to provide members with opportunities to enhance their understanding of environmental science, encourage networking within and outside of the UC, and promote volunteering and work opportunities to club members.

To find out more contact or follow us on facebook at UC Environmental Society