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Sustainable Transport

infrastructure and support to encourage sustainable modes of transport and reduce the impact of University related travel

Walk, skate, ride, carpool e-commuting and bus travel; all are key modes of transport in reducing our carbon footprint.

Estate and Facilities Management has drafted a Sustainable Transport Strategy and Action Plan. The STSAP articulates a strategic direction for investment in transport infrastructure, systems and programs to meet the future needs of the campus and meet our Sustainable Transport targets under the University of Canberra Sustainability Strategy 2010-2015.


A Cycling Needs Analysis was conducted in 2011 to identify key strategies to enhance the cycling infrastructure of the campus and promote cycling as part of a holistic approach to sustainable transport.

In 2012 the University installed three new bike shelters across campus [see map for locations]. Each shelter holds up to 17 bikes on racks and includes a Bicycle Repair Station. The Repair Stations allow the bicycle to be elevated so that it is easy to work on and include all the tools that a cyclist requires for minor repairs as well as a bicycle pump. When installed the repair stations were the first of their kind in Australia. 

Fleet Rationalisation

Fleet vehicles are vehicles that the University uses in its every day operations to move staff and goods around the campus. In 2010/11 the University renewed its aging car fleet with more efficient vehicles, including two Toyota Camry Hybrids and two electric vehicles. The electric vehicles (EV) are powered using certified Green Power provided through Better Place. The EV's are predominantly used for short trips between the Scrivener Building and campus and to take staff to offsite meetings.

The rationalisation of the fleet has resulted in a 22% decrease in annual fuel consumption as at 2012.

Sustainable Transport Plan

The University is currently developing a Sustainable Transport Plan to guide strategic investment in transport related infrastructure, services and programs. The Plan will integrate with the existing Campus Master Plan and Landscape Character Plan and capture synergies with the ACT Government draft transport plan, "Transport for Canberra, Transport for a Sustainable City 2011-2031".

Opt for active Transport and increase your Fitness

If you live close to campus consider walking or riding. You won't need to worry about parking and you can can save money on fuel and parking.

Catch a Bus

Catching a bus can mean a stress free trip to campus and time to read a book, listen to music or catch up on your social networking. Buses frequently drop off and pick up at College Street and if you need transport at work you can take your bike along for the ride. Purchasing a MyWay card can save you money on fares and can be topped up online. MyWay cards can be purchase at most newsagents. For information on timetables and fares go to the ACT Governments MyWay website.


Carpooling involves linking up with fellow students and colleagues who live near you to share the cost of traveling to campus and halve the carbon emissions of your travel.

  • Reduce travel related CO2 emissions by 25% by 2015 on 2010 levels
  • Offset university car fleet by 2013*
  • Continual uptake of sustainable transport and e-commuting technology

*excluding corporate vehicles tied to salary packages.