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Objective 1

To ensure UC is competitive within Australia through improved attractiveness to students nationally and strengthened course viability.

Supported by a Commonwealth Structural Adjustment Fund grant in 2013-14, this objective comprises four components:

  1. Re-brand and re-position UC in the eyes of our markets.
  2. Expand and improve flexible learning at UC.
  3. Increase student numbers through collaboration and partnerships with other tertiary providers nationally.
  4. Strengthen UC College through the refurbishment of existing campus premises as the College's headquarters and by expanding its role in improving access to UC and supporting students whilst at UC.

Objective 2

To build a truly international UC that can thrive in a new era of globalised higher education and research.

Supported by deliberate initiatives to internationalise our culture and outlook, this objective comprises three components:

  1. Develop strong relationships with selected international universities, particularly within Asia, as the basis for enduring teaching and research partnerships.
  2. Provide our coursework and research students with immersive international experiences, focusing on Asia, and thereby create cultural and global competencies as signature graduate outcomes of UC degrees.
  3. Develop pioneering forms of coursework curriculum and research training, based on true intellectual joint ventures between UC and its international partners, whether offered here, there or everywhere.

Objective 3

To achieve world ranking as a young university.

Supported by a strategic focus on specific research domains, strong national and international partnerships and high-performing academic staff, this objective comprises four components:

  1. Increase our competitive research grant income.
  2. Strengthen the academic impact of our research as measured through citations.
  3. Increase the proportion of publications co-authored with international collaborators.
  4. Improve our international reputation for research and teaching.