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Breakthrough 2013-17

A bold vision for the future

The University of Canberra's strategic plan for 2013-2017 coincides with the celebration of our campus' 50th anniversary in 2018.


The Vice-Chancellor and President, explains:

Titled 'Breakthrough', our plan is built on UC's 3 main objectives:

  • to provide transformative educational experiences accessible to everyone, whatever your stage of life and background
  • to engage in high quality research and creative practice to make a difference to the world around us
  • to contribute to the building of fair, prosperous and sustainable communities which are respectful of their Indigenous past and committed to redressing disadvantage.

Our strategic plan will position the University as one of Australia's most innovative tertiary institutions; world-ranked, with regional, national and international reach.

The breakdown

Purpose and Vision

To be a leading member of Australia's tertiary education network offering high quality education for all.


How we intend to be competitive, international and world ranking.


Our strategies concerning education, internationalisation and research.

UC at a glance

Key statistics for student enrolments, academic faculties, research and finance.

Planning and Analytics

Data reports, surveys, load planning and more.

Strategic Plan