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A Legacy of Purpose, Focus and Impact

Marked by youthful dynamism and determination, the University of Canberra has been on a distinctive journey since its very inception. With its dual focus on producing profession-ready graduates and mission-oriented, problem-solving research, the University has risen in merely a quarter of a century to rank among the world’s top 100 universities under the age of 50 and the top two per cent of universities overall.

Anchored as a leading institution in Australia’s capital, we occupy a ringside seat at national debates and decision-making, frequently informing and influencing these deliberations. Our location is pivotal to our close relations with the diplomatic community and a key catalyst for our worldwide engagement.

With our 17,000 students from over 100 countries, pursuing their education at our flagship Canberra campus, and our joint-ventures around Australia and abroad, we are a university with a true global footprint. We pride ourselves on being a beacon of equity, diversity, inclusion and access.

Ground-breaking discoveries by our researchers have spun commercial, advisory and social enterprises. Our 82,000 alumni hold influential positions in public and private sectors in 120 countries. Yet, we remain deeply engaged with communities in Australia’s capital region, serving as a powerful engine of economic development, social wellbeing, creative thought and public discourse.

Our success and impact have come from the courage to take risks, make considered choices, and forego the temptation to follow the pack. Throughout our history, we have challenged orthodoxy and boldly traced our own distinctive path, leading the way into uncharted territories and staying the course against significant headwinds.

It is from this bedrock that the University of Canberra is now launching the next phase of its audacious journey as a leader in pragmatic learning, impactful research and sustainable living. The next decade will see UC grow and evolve into a confluence of scholars, learners, innovators, practitioners and enablers, living The Educated Life on a unique campus that will serve as an interactive, connected hub for our worldwide activities.

Distinctive by design, and proud of it, the University of Canberra will boldly take the lead in redefining the value and function of the future.

Professor Deep SainiProfessor H. Deep Saini

Vice-Chancellor & President