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Quality and Improvements Advisory Group (QIAG)

The Quality and Improvements Advisory Group (QIAG) was established to provide advice to the Vice-President, Operations on a wide range of quality and improvement matters related to the scholarly and professional areas of the University, including the ongoing assessment and development of the University's Quality and Standards Framework. QIAG meet six times per year.

QIAG Terms of Reference

  • To provide oversight on the revision and future implementation of the Quality and Standards Framework across the all aspects of the University.
  • To track and monitor the outcome of various internal and external reviews related to quality assurance and to ensure effective implementation of review recommendations.
  • To identify areas for strengthening University performance based on results from various evaluations and analysis.
  • To help promote and engage staff in quality assurance and improvement across the University, and ultimately build a "Quality Culture".
  • To assist the University improve student experience based on student feedback and performance.

QIAG Membership

Vice-President, Operations (Chair)

Chair of the Academic Board

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education)

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research)

Vice-President, Governance and Development

Director, International

Deputy Director, Planning

Executive Officer, Partnerships

Manager, Quality Standards and Improvements

If you have any questions, comments or feedback regarding Quality at the UC, please email the Quality team.