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Visit the Canvas site dedicated to facilitating feedback and discussion about the UC Book Project and the 2020 UC Book of the Year, Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms by Anita Heiss. We encourage students and staff to join or follow the conversation.

The site is an open site so any visitor can read posts, but only staff and students can write and respond to posts. You can self-enrol once you enter the site. Click for instructions.

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Feedback from Staff & Students on UC Book of the Year

"The "Rosie Project" was a quick read. I believe the UC Book of the Year project is a winner. Even though "Room" made my skin crawl, and people like Don and Gene in Rosie should be with the dinosaurs (where they belong), I am pleased that the topics of the first three books, so far have not been too dry or conservative."
Michael Depercy, UC academic (read entire review)

"I have now finished reading Jasper Jones. It turned out to be very absorbing reading ..."
Associate Professor Ben Freyens, UC staff member (read entire review)

"Michael de Percy and I incorporated Jasper Jones into one of our assessment items this semester and found that students were quite enthusiastic to study the book ... "
Miss Emma Wannell, UC staff member (read entire review)

"I really enjoyed reading Jasper Jones. I found it to be unexpectedly funny and never too predictable. I thought including it into an assessment task was really enjoyable, as it helped to add a whole other interesting dimension ..."
Rafina, UC student (read entire review)

"Jasper Jones is a morally challenging novel by Craig Silvey, which discusses various issues, such
as discrimination, and allows the reader to challenge the ideals of today's society compared to the 1960s ... "
Ruth, UC Student (read entire review)