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Winners of the University Teaching Excellence Awards for 2020

The winners of each of the UC Awards and Citations in 2020 are listed below.

UC Awards for Teaching Excellence

  • Winner: Owen Bullock
  • Commendation: Shara Ransinghe

UC Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning (Team Award)

  • Winner: The BGL Student Support Team
    (Ngaio Buck, Hannah Blakeney, Michelle Davidson, Lucy Gledhill and Gail Reardon)

UC Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

  • Winner: The Indigenous Studies Mob
    (Wayne Applebee, Samuel Byrnand, Paul Collis, Jennifer Crawford, Samia Goudie, Ashley Harrison and Wendy Sommerville)
  • Winner: The Health and Physical Education Program Delivery Team
    (Margie Appel, Michael Davies, Naomi Nye, Joanna Smith and John Williams)
  • Winner: The Anatomy and Physiology Teaching Team
    (Julie Cooke, Erin Kelly, Kristy Martin and Disa Pryor)
  • Commendation: Courtney Hayes