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Greater Than Process Hack Fest

Process Hack Updates 2019

UC’s Greater Than Process Hack Festival ran from 19-29 March, with the goal of hearing about which UC processes are preventing you from doing your best work and why. Our community was asked to anonymously spark ideas, share stories and shape change. This feedback is now being used to define and deliver a program of improvements, announced in June and under delivery from October 2018. Look out for updates here!

Our process hack festival drew on the collective knowledge and experience of the UC community and has given us a starting point for making improvements. Based on your feedback, we have developed a program of improvements under delivery from October 2018 into 2019. Your honesty has helped us drive solutions and make our University greater than before. Thank you for sharing your stories and ideas!

Follow the story here and keep an eye on the student and staff bulletins for updates. Or just drop us a line if you’d like to learn more. We’re all in this together; let’s become greater than we were yesterday.

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