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Faculty Assessment Boards


The Faculty Assessment Board reports to both the Faculty Board and the University’s Education Committee. This dual reporting pathway is designed to ensure that detailed moderation of grades at the unit and course level is undertaken. The reporting mechanism to University’s Education Committee will also ensure that a holistic view vis-?-vis University-wide assessment and distribution of grades among courses is maintained.

Purpose and Function

To oversee (within the framework of the University's regulations and Academic Board's policy and guidelines) the approval processes for final grades and other assessment activities within the Faculty.

These entities were established by Academic Board at Meeting No. 08/S2 (5 May 2008). It is expected that each Faculty will, as part of the establishment of these Boards and their place in the academic governance of a Faculty, provide advice to Academic Board on their development and evolving role including the development of any local and appropriate adaptations as allowed for within their Terms of Reference.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference are here.