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What You Can Support

Given below are some of the many areas within the University you can support. To find out how you can help, donate today or visit our How To Give page.

Education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of background or circumstance. The generosity of our donors makes this possible for many of our students.

The UC Foundation is currently raising funds to support UC students through our 2020 Student Empowerment Fund.

To support our students, you can give to any of the following programs:

As we are seeing all too clearly with the impact of COVID-19 on everyday lives, financial hardship can be sudden, severe and unexpected.

The Student Empowerment Fund assists students who are experiencing unexpected financial hardship, affecting their ability to study. To read more please visit this page or you can give today.

UC Foundation Scholarships help provide an education to the most under-represented groups in Australian Higher Education. These are students from rural, remote, Indigenous and refugee backgrounds and students with a disability.

Make a donation, or to set-up your own named scholarship designated towards a particular group of students or faculty, contact us.

A typical student, studying full time, can be expected to pay $400-$800 a semester for textbooks. The average Youth Allowance income for a student studying full time is $414.40 a fortnight. A semester worth of textbooks could cost a typical student an entire month of their Centre link payment, and they still have to find money to pay for food, rent and transport.

The UC Foundation Text Book Fund eases the financial burden and associated stress on students through small grants to assist with text book purchases.

You can contribute towards the Textbook fund by giving online today.

Read more about students receiving free textbooks.

Scholarships are vital in supporting our elite student athletes. Competing with distinction at all levels of sport, including at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, requires a huge level of commitment and can be a financial burden. Athlete Scholarships lighten the load, gifting students the time to focus on their degree while achieving their sporting aspirations. 

To support our elite athlete students and help them excel in their studies and sporting career, contact the Foundation Team.

Contact the UC Foundation team for more information.

Our researchers are working to save and improve lives, discovering ways to keep people healthy across their lifespan and improve communities. Current research priorities for funding are:

Review the latest research news for updates on our latest achievements.

For details on how you can further support our research, contact the Foundation team.

Faculties are often close to the hearts of their graduates. Our alumni, students and friends may support any one of our faculties, continuing UC's tradition of excellence in teaching, research and community service.

Our faculties are:

If you would like to support one of our faculties and would like to know more about the ways in which you can provide support, please contact the Foundation team.

The UC Endowment helps build fair, prosperous and sustainable communities in the long-term, through research and education.

A gift to the UC Endowment continues to grow over time, generating a steady, reliable source of income in perpetuity. It is is used to provide a stable revenue source for designated programs and areas of need.

Make a gift to the UC Foundation Endowment, or to set-up your own donor designated endowment please contact the Foundation team.