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Free textbooks for deserving UC students

international student being given a textbook from staffFinancial hardship impacts students' ability to study and succeed in their degrees as well as contributing to emotional stress. UC Foundation has established the student support fund to assist students who are experiencing unexpected financial hardship, affecting their ability to study. This includes provision of textbooks.

It's a fact that a typical student, studying full time, can be expected to pay on average around $400-$800 a semester on required textbooks and, upwards of $1000.00 a year. The average Youth Allowance income for a student studying full time is $414.40 a fortnight (Based on the average Centrelink fortnightly allowance for a Student). A semester of textbooks can cost a typical student an entire month of their Centrelink payment – and they still have to find money to pay for food, rent and transport.

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and staff, over 20 students have now received donated textbooks to assist in their studies. Recipients of textbooks include student Iesha Haddad who moved to Canberra to study nursing. Iesha received an anatomy and physiology textbook generously donated by alumni and staff members Jo Haslam and Joel Wyse.

If you would like to donate to textbooks for our students in need, you can make a contribution today.