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Campus Development Principles

A group of students walking under the pressed metal ceiling

The University's Fundamental Principles for Campus Development guide delivery of all projects within the campus. They are:

Strategic Alignment

Development will be demonstrably consistent with the University's Strategic Plan, Campus Master Plan, Sustainability Strategy and brand identity.


Development will comply with the University of Canberra Act, the Crown Lease and the Territory Plan.

Optimising Yield

Development will generate funds, directly or indirectly, for the long-term benefit of the University and its communities, in a way that balances maximum financial return with the other Fundamental Principles in this list.

Learning Environment

Development will contribute in clearly articulated ways to the University's goal of creating a campus environment conducive to learning through education and research.

Campus Community

Development will facilitate opportunities for the interaction of incoming people with the work and life of the university so that a single and enriched campus community emerges.


Development will take into account aesthetic design, sustainability and construction considerations appropriate to a university which teaches and researches in relevant disciplines, including architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, building and construction management and urban planning.

Good Decision-Making

Development decisions will be consultative, transparent, risk-based and accountable.


Collaborative projects will only be entered into with third parties of good repute, following rigorous due diligence.

Project Management

Development projects will be based on objectives that are articulated and be subject to rigorous project control and post-occupancy evaluation.