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Assessing your EoI

The University of Canberra will implement a commercially robust and streamlined process to consider all EOI responses meeting the Assessment Criteria set out below. Respondents will be notified of the University's decision to proceed to direct negotiations within two months of receipt of EOI submissions.

There is no limit to the extent or number of development proposals the University might consider at any one time.

Assessment Criteria

EOI submissions should respond to the Assessment Criteria below. Please complete the Returnable Schedule (PDF 250kb) / Returnable Schedule (RTF 204kb) and attach any supporting documentation.

Assessment Criteria Considerations
1. Project attributes
  • Overall attractiveness of the Project including the broad development concept, key financial aspects and its collaborative benefits
2. Capacity to deliver
  • Respondent's previous experiences delivering similar projects
  • Respondent's current and proposed pipeline of development/operational activity
  • Ability of Respondent to secure funding for the Project
3. Adherence to existing guidelines
  • Alignment with the Fundamental Campus Development Principles
  • Appreciation of the Campus Master Plan
4. Deal structure and risk allocation
  • Nature and form of the proposed deal structure
  • Proposed risk allocation between the Respondent and the University within the context of the Project
  • Level of capital contributions to be provided by both the Respondent and the University
  • Timing of the necessary capital contributions
  • Time period for procurement of the project and its ongoing operation within any partnership
5. Alignment and collaboration
  • Extent of opportunities for alignment of interests and operating activities
  • Extent of detail provided to identify and quantify potential collaboration benefits
6. Project timing and conditions precedent
  • Proposed timing for procurement of the Project
  • Extent of any conditions precedent