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Our people

Name Discipline Research interest
Dr Ananthan Ambikairajah Psychology Ageing, dementia, menopause and neuroimaging
Assoc Prof Rachel Bacon Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition, aged care, digital health, palliative care and mental health
Prof Kasia Bail Nursing Nursing, gerontology, quality of care, aged care, dementia, cognitive impairment, functional decline and information systems
Ms Macey BarrattNursingDecision making, disability, ethics and law, capacity and consent, palliative care and psychotropic medication reduction
Dr Rowena BeechamPsychologyNeuropsychology (assessment and management of cognitive, emotional and behavioural changes)
Dr Suzanne Carroll Public Health Epidemiology, physical activity, chronic disease, mental health and wellbeing
Dr Dimity Crisp Psychology Mental health and social wellbeing
Prof Rachel Davey Public Health Preventive health, physical activity, chronic disease, health services and digital health
Dr Nathan D’Cunha Nutrition and Dietetics Dementia, carers, art therapy, bio-markers, nutrition and assistive technology
Dr Angie Fearon Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, healthy ageing, hip pain and patient reported outcome measures
Distinguished Prof Diane Gibson Ageing and social policy Aged care, dementia, health services, digital health and assistive technology
Dr Jo Gibson Nursing Nursing, palliative care, ageism and clinical leadership and followership
Ms Alicia Hind Nursing Nursing, aged care, sexuality and gender diversity

Dr Kam Chun (Terry) Ho


Evidence-based health care delivery, patient-centred outcomes, public health, vision and ageing research
Prof Stephen Isbel Occupational Therapy Assistive technology, dementia, rehabilitation, aged care and health services
Assoc Prof Jane Kellett Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition, healthy ageing, palliative care, mental health and malnutrition
Assoc Prof Sam Kosari Pharmacy Aged care and pharmacy
Assoc Prof Tanya Lawlis Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition, food security and social inequality
Mr Vincent Learnihan Public Health Spatial epidemiology, built/social environments, mental health and wellbeing
Dr Chandra Makanjee Medical imaging Health services and medical imaging
Prof Mark NauntonPharmacyMedicine safety (national health priority), pharmacoeconomics, quality use of medicines, gender and ethnicity, physical activity and infectious disease
Dr James Neill Psychology Green space and nature-based activity, mental health and social wellbeing
Mrs Sylvia NilssonNursingGeneralist palliative care, curriculum development
Assoc Prof Holly Northam Nursing Health services, social justice in health care and end of life care
Dr Joe Northey Sports and Exercise Science Physical activity and neuro-cognition, exercise and the ageing brain
Dr Claire PearceOccupational Therapy

Health services workforce recruitment and retention, including the use of the allied health assistant workforce; the role of occupational therapy in mental health; health service implementation of evidence and  the impact of stigma and the concept of choice on people’s health

Prof Ben Rattray Exercise physiology Physical activity, cognition, brain and health ageing

Prof Michael Roche


Nursing, mental health nursing, nursing workforce, practice environment, skill mix, health services, routinely collected data
Prof Jennie Scarvell Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, chronic disease and health services
Dr Sujatha (Suja) ShanmugasundaramNursingDementia, palliative care, end of life care, mixed methods, family caregivers, cultural issues, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.
Assoc Prof Helen Southwood Speech Pathology Rehabilitation, neurological communication disorders including dementia
Ms Emily Wallis Nursing Nursing and aged care
Prof Jenny Weller-Newton Nursing Housing affordability (social determinant of health), consumer lived experience, reflective practice and workplace learning
NameDiscipline Research interest

Adjunct Professor Dr Paresh Dawda


Primary care, chronic and complex care & multi-disciplinary care, digital health, leadership, value based healthcare and palliative care

Adjunct Prof Jane Frost NursingAged care, dementia and assistive technology

Adjunct Associate Professor John Goss


Health services, chronic disease and health economics

Professional Associate Dr Louise BarrettNeuropsychology

Neuropsychology of rehabilitation, ageing, and dementia.

Professional Associate Michelle BennettOccupational Therapy

Rehabilitation, dementia and aged care.

Professional Associate Rachael MitterfellnerOccupational TherapyDementia, ageing and rehabilitation


Name Project description
Jacqui Couldrick Why Does GLA:D® work? A pilot study investigating the link between biomechanical factors and a successful outcome for movement retraining in people with knee osteoarthritis

Supervisors: Jennie Scarvell, Nick Brown,  Joseph Lynch (ANU), Paul Smith (ANU)

Ibrahim Haider Evaluate the effectiveness of a new collaborative aged care model involving an on-site residential care pharmacist (RCP) in a RACF setting

Supervisors: Sam Kosari, Mark Naunton and Rachel Davey

Peta Harbour Social group influences on self-management of chronic illness in the baby boomer generation

Supervisors: Kasia Bail, Diane Gibson and Mary-Ellen Hooper

Nikki Johnston How does the happening of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) / Trauma, manifest at End of Life?
Supervisors: Jo Gibson, Kasia Bail and Michael Chapman 
Nic Lawlis Physical activity for cognitive performance in clinical neurological conditions
Supervisors: Joe Northey, Nathan D'Cunha & Ben Rattray 
Robyn Lewis New models of dementia care and support
Supervisors: Nathan D'Cunha, Diane Gibson, Stephen Isbel and Kasia Bail
Lakeesha Liyanage Evaluation of medication outcomes and quality indicators of onsite pharmacists in the aged care practice model: A multicentre study
Supervisors: Sam Kosari and Mark Naunton
Elizabeth Low The influence of social isolation on diet quality in older persons living independently in the Australian Capital Territory – a mixed methods study.

Supervisors: Jane Kellett, Stephen Isbel and Rachel Bacon

Tricia O'Connor

The unresponsive dying patient: An exploration of clinical decision-making among nurses.
Supervisors: Catherine Paterson, Jo Gibson, Jo Lewis and Karen Strickland

Katherine Rae Evaluating the effectiveness of pressure mattresses for people over 55 living in the community
Supervisors: Stephen Isbel, Dominic Upton and Judith Barker
Denika Silva Biomechanical effects after physiotherapy interventions and minimal clinically important change and difference in people with knee osteoarthritis.

Supervisors: Jennie Scarvell, Angie Fearon and Diana Perriman

Gemma Wall Occupation-based groups in inpatient rehabilitation: effectiveness in improving occupational performance outcomes and barriers and enablers to successful implementation
Supervisors: Stephen Isbel, Claire Pearce and Louise Gustafsson 
Yushan Zou Interactive Textile Design for People Living with Dementia

Supervisors:  Eddi Pianca, Damith Herath, Nathan D’Cunha and Livio Bonollo


Name Project description
Georgia Croker Ageing Well: Education to Enhance Students’ Opportunities to Maximise Engagement, Experience and Excellence (Project AWESOME)
Supervisor: Dimity Crisp
Dragana Paravinja Positive behaviour plans – enablers and barriers to nursing leadership
Supervisors: Rowena Beecham & Kasia Bail 


Name Project description Year completed
Stephanie Munk StoryTiling in Dementia Care 2023
Rhiannon Toohey Story Tiling in Dementia Care 2023

Completed HDR


Name Project description Year completed
Miranda Batten Evaluating  interprofessional collaboration, normalisation and implementation fidelity of an on-site pharmacist intervention within Australian residential aged care facilities 
Supervisors: Sam Kosari, Mark Naunton, Joanne Lewis
Nathan D'Cunha Engaging Activities for People Living with Dementia in Residential Aged Care
Supervisors: Nenad Naumovski, Andrew McKune, Stephen Isbel, Jane Kellett and Ekavi Georgousopoulou.
Nicole Mc Derby Proximity and partnerships: embedding pharmacists in Australian aged care homes to improve quality use of medicines
Supervisors: Mark Naunton, Sam Kosari, Kasia Bail and Alison Shield


Name Project description Year completed
Kevin Ding Radiographers’ expectations and experiences of ageing population medical imaging examinations
Supervisor: Chandra Makanjee
Abdeljalil Lahiouel Nutritional knowledge and experiences of family or unpaid carers of community-dwelling people living with dementia
Supervisors: Nathan D’Cunha, Jane Kellett and Stephen Isbel
Shweta Venkataraman Exploring the relationship between dietary components and CD4+ T helper cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Supervisors: Chloe Goldsmith (Primary), Nathan D’Cunha, David Pyne, Nenad Naumovski, Andrew McKune
Emeliha Jermyn

Nurse experiences of caring for older people with cognitive impairment while conducting minimally invasive procedures
Supervisor: Kasia Bail

Jennifer Hutchinson The dietary patterns of older people living in retirement villages and associations with anxiety and depression
Supervisors: Jane Kellett, Stephen Isbel, Nenad Naumovski and Nathan D’Cunha

Vacation Scholarships

Name Project descriptionYear
Eleanor Brace Point prevalence survey of cognitive impairment screening – single site study

Supervisors: Kasia Bail, Chrysta Bridge (ACT Health) and Sean Hambrook (ACT Health)

Ian Huang Evaluation of a multicomponent post-diagnostic support program for
people living with dementia and their carers

Supervisors: Nathan D'Cunha and Michelle Bennett (ACT Health)