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About the Ageing Research Group

The University of Canberra’s Ageing Research Group brings together researchers from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, whose interests and activities coincide through a shared focus on ageing research as it relates to health and wellbeing: living to age well and ageing to live well. In keeping with the University of Canberra focus on research which makes a difference to society, our research targets the evidence base underpinning practices, programs and policies that affect older people, whether they live in their own homes, with family, in residential care or elsewhere.

Our research collaborations include the disciplinary areas of epidemiology, nursing, economics, social science, public health, policy analysis, dietetics, food and nutrition science, physiotherapy, pharmacy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, optometry, psychology, and exercise science. Our collaborations are local, regional, national and international with partnerships involving other universities, local and federal government, national institutions, health and aged care services and technology industries.

The Ageing Research Group is an Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) Collaborating Research Centre.

Our core areas of activity are:

  • aged care
  • chronic disease and chronic disease management
  • dementia
  • digital health and assistive technology
  • health services and older people
  • healthy ageing and preventive health
  • mental health and social wellbeing
  • nursing and allied health
  • nutrition and physical activity

See our projects for more details about our work.

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Invitation to participate in a new 12-week therapeutic program for ACT residents living with dementia and carers - Sustainable Personalised Interventions for Cognition, Care & Engagement (SPICE). To express your interest email: or contact Dr Nathan D'Cunha on 02 6206 8585 for more information. See also SPICE.

If you are interested in being involved in our research, volunteering, employment or HDR opportunities please contact us.

Short courses

The Ageing Research Group runs a short course Food, Lifestyle and Healthy Ageing in response to demand. This course is aimed at a broad audience including (but not limited to) older people and their families looking for advice on how to age healthily and healthcare professionals working in aged care or with older adults. To register your interest in this course contact us.

Contact us

X: @UCAgeing