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Qualitative Research Practice in Health short course

qualitative research interview

Delve deeper into why people choose the healthcare options they do in the Faculty of Health’s Qualitative Research Practice in Health short course.

Register for three days of interactive sessions in Semester 1 2020 to gain valuable insight into the stories and meaning behind the data in health research.

Develop a richer understanding of people, their motivations and perspectives behind their healthcare decisions, and obtain the tools and methods needed to explain their experiences.

Hear from guest speakers who are leaders in their field, such as Dr Petra Buergelt and Dr Cathy Knight-Agarwal.

This short course is ideal for postgraduate students or researchers intending to conduct qualitative research and for health professionals seeking to assess and apply evidence-based knowledge to improve patient health outcomes.

On completion of this short course, you will achieve the following learning outcomes.

  1. Demonstrate proficiency carrying out systematic analysis of qualitative data.
  2. Critically analyse theoretical perspectives that guide qualitative research practice.
  3. Design a qualitative research project by determining a research question and methodology.
  4. Collect, analyse and present qualitative data.
  5. Reflect on ways to evaluate and assure validity and trustworthiness in qualitative research.

Note, this short course forms part of the 9583 Qualitative Research Practice in Health PG unit. Different fees apply for the entire unit.


The cost is $620.

25 spaces are available.

Enrolments close 31 January 2020.

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5-7 February 2020


University of Canberra Hospital
20 Guraguma Street
Bruce ACT 2617


 Day1 Day 2 Day3
9:30-10:15Inaugural Session
Introduction and expectations
Input session 4
Participant observation
Input session 9
Transcription and management of data
10:15-11:00Input session 1
Nature and scope of qualitative research methods in health
Input session 5
Input session 10
11:00- 11:45 Group work 1Input session 6
Focus Group Discussions
Practical 4
12:15-1:00Input session 2
Research paradigms in QR
Practical 2
Practical 5
14:00-15:00Group work 2
Ontology, epistemology, methodology, methods
Practical 3
Input session 6
Analysis: developing categories
15:00-15:40Input Session 3
Ethnography, grounded, PRA
Experience sharing 1
Indigenist participatory action research with remote Indigenous peoples and communities in Australia and Taiwan
Dr Petra Buergelt
Experience sharing 2
Evaluation of the specialist antenatal nutrition clinic at the Canberra Hospital: a qualitative study of women’s experiences
Dr Cathy Knight-Agarwal
15:40-16:00Tea breakTea breakTea break
16:00-17: 00 Input Session 3 (cont’d)
Ethnography, grounded, PRA
Theory session 7
Sampling strategies
Practical 6
Developing categories
17:00- 17:30  Input session 8
Rigour in qualitative research
Work along 3
Writing up

About the course convener

Mr Sunil George is a public health researcher with several years of experience of carrying out qualitative studies to understand access to healthcare and patient behaviours in South Asian settings and the impact of large global health initiatives on the functioning of local health systems. His research interests include inequities in health, cultural understandings of health and wellbeing and knowledge transfer processes.


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