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Australian National Museum of Education (ANME)


A national resource at your fingertips

  • Providing an Historical Perspective on Education

The Australian National Museum of Education (ANME) is a distributed collection, which is continuing to bring together virtually, archival material held in schools and school museums throughout Australia.

It also has an on-site repository of historic text books, journals, manuscripts and ephemera. The following strands have been adopted to enable thematic interpretation of the archival material and to document trends in the history of education in Australia:

  • Policy
  • Administration
  • Curriculum
  • Practice
  • Innovation

What does ANME offer?

  • Research Opportunities
  • Field Trips
  • Seminars
  • Annual Lecture
  • Professional Advice
  • Publications
  • Online Resources

To go to the ANME website please select the link below: