Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics

The Faculty of ESTEM, through its expertise in the unique mix of its disciplines of Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is committed to innovation and  leadership in national and international ESTEM research and pedagogy. 

    The Faculty realises this vision by:

  • Designing, implementing and evaluating innovative and effective approaches to ESTEM teaching and learning for people of all ages
  • Undertaking applied disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research on ESTEM phenomena and matters of significance to the professions, communities and society
  • Engaging with institutional, local, national and international partners to lead change that enhances ESTEM teaching and learning,  identifies and addresses research priorities in ESTEM and influences as well as adapts to emerging scientific, technological and educational challenges 

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Important Dates

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  • Monday, 3rd Jul 2017

    Winter Term final examination timetable released to staff and students

  • Friday, 21st Jul 2017

    Winter Term teaching period ends

  • Monday, 24th Jul 2017

    Winter Term examination period begins

    2017 Semester 1 Deferred examination period begins

Winter Term 2017

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  1. Centenary Professor Tom Lowrie sits outside with a Samsung tablet

    Tech boosts maths results: UC research

    Three weeks of technology-enabled teaching in primary and secondary schools is producing the kind of maths improvements normally seen in a year of traditional lessons

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  2. A bearded dragon at the University of Canberra

    Breakthrough in reptile temperature sex-swap research

    A University of Canberra-led research collaboration has discovered what could be the master switch for environmentally influenced male and female development

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  3. Robot

    UC researchers challenge to beat the ‘bot

    Challenging a robot to a game of tic-tac-toe is helping inform University of Canberra researchers about how people and machines interact

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  4. A fossilised fish skeleton embedded within a piece of rock

    Shining new light on old fossils

    A molecular virologist from the University of Canberra is using new techniques to reveal details about ancient life

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