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The Canberra Law Review

The Canberra Law Review is a peer-reviewed law journal published each year by the Canberra Law School at the University of Canberra.

We welcome innovative, cross-disciplinary and creative scholarly articles and commentaries on any area of law and justice.

Inquiries about the Canberra Law Review should be directed to

ISSN: 1320-6702 (Print)

ISSN: 1839-2660 (Online)

2021/18(1) Bede Harris, Jingjing Qian, John Zeleznikow, Sara Kendall, Benedict Sheehy, Widya Tuslian, Luther Lie, Tony Meacham, Neil Samuel Hope, Bruce Baer Arnold, Jennifer Szkiela

Canberra Law Review, Volume 18, Number 1

2020/17(2) Bede Harris, David Mossop, Nicholas Felstead, John Boersig, Romola Davenport, Anthony Gray, Bruce Baer Arnold, Dilan Thampapillai

Canberra Law review Volume 17 Issue 2

Canberra Law Review 20202020/17(1) Bede Harris, Brendon Murphy, Bruce Baer Arnold, Brad Thomas, Tess Watson

Canberra Law review Volume 17 Issue 1

2019/16(1) Linda Crebbin, Matthew Rimmer, Bede Harris, Bruce Baer Arnold, Drew Gough, Tom Round, Clarissa Shortland, Renee Mastrolembo, Josh Mills

Canberra Law review Volume 16 Issue 1