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Dr Benoit Pierre (Ben) Freyens

Associate Professor


PhD (Economics), Australian National University

Career Bio

Ben Freyens is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Canberra. He is also a Research Associate at the Centre of Law and Economics, at the Australian National University, and a Fellow of the Centre for Human and Social Capital Research at the University of Wollongong.  He has conducted several research projects for the Australian Communications and Media Authority on spectrum licensing and radio transmission technologies. In his earlier working life, he was a statistical expert at Eurostat, Luxembourg, and taught economics at Deakin University, at University of New South Wales and at University of Wollongong.


2012 Dean Award, Research Excellence, Faculty of BGL
2012 Vice Chancellor Award - Excellence in Early Career Research, Social Science
2011 Dean Award, Best Early Career Researcher, Faculty of BGL


Intermediate Microeconomics
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Human Resources Economics
Economics for Managers (MD Graduate course)


5 Selected Publications

For all publications please see the External Research Profile links below

  • Booth J.F. and Freyens B.P. (2014). "A Study on Political Activism in Labour Courts", Economic Letters, 123 (3), 370-73
  • Freyens B.P., Loney M. And Dissanayake, T. (2014). "Dynamic Usage of Narrowband Spectrum", Telecommunications Policy, 38 (2):173-85
  • Freyens B. P. and Jones C. (2014). "Efficient Allocation of Radio Spectrum", Journal of Public Economic Theory, 16 (1)1-23
  • Ackland, R., Dowrick, S. & Freyens B. P. (2013). "Measuring Global Poverty: Why PPP Methods Matter", Review of Economics and Statistics 95 (3): 813–824
  • Freyens B.P. (2011). "Dismissal Disputes and the Incentives to Bargain: Estimates of the Contract Zone", Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 64 (3), 576 - 98


MDB CRN grant $225,561– 'Modelling Community Adjustment to Water Trading in the MDB (w/ P. Lewis, A. Daly and H. Dinh)

Research Associate, Centre of Law and Economics, at the Australian National University

Fellow, Centre for Human and Social Capital Research at the University of Wollongong


* Economics of employment protection laws
* Radio spectrum policy / economics
* Personnel economics, workforce planning
* Inequality and poverty measurement
* Optimal contracting of human services

External Research Profile

Google ScholarOrcid: 0000-0002-5280-1382

Industry Engagement

Member of the Economic Society of Australia (ESA)
IEEE member (Engineering)
EALE member (European Assoc. of Labour Economists)
EALE member (European Assoc. of Law & Economics)
ITS Member (International Telecommunications Society)