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Indigenous Studies Minor

Choose the Indigenous Studies Minor in Australia’s Bush Capital

Indigenous Studies provides a contemporary focus to prepare students to work with Indigenous Australia. These units can be taken as electives to complement a range of disciplines and enrich the professional lives of students. Taken as a minor, the units deliver a progressive set of learning encounters.

  • Beginning with our foundational unit Indigenous Ways of Knowing (11126), students develop a framework for understanding Indigenous ontologies, epistemologies and axiologies.
  • Connections to Country (11128) grounds these understandings into the local and national environment.
  • The Indigenous Cultures and Digital Contexts (11122) unit strengthens and deepens these understandings by connecting students to Country and culture through cutting-edge technology.
  • Finally, Decolonising the Museum (11123) allows students to use what they have learnt in previous units to imagine how they could be part of the decolonising process as they encounter and work with the university’s own First Nations collections. Our units work together as an innovative and distinctive body of scholarship that is vitalised and enriched by the work of our team composed of First Nations Australians lecturers.

Breadth Minor in Indigenous Studies (BN0001)

11126Indigenous Ways of KnowingSemester 1
11128Connections to CountrySemester 2
11122Indigenous Cultures and Digital ContextsSemester 1
11123Decolonising the MuseumSemester 1

Student Review - Ellyse Dahl

Indigenous Ways of Knowing, 2020 

"I really wanted to extend my thanks for the opportunity to engage in this unit, I learned concepts that were at times uplifting, complex, very poignant and multilayered, but I also learned about myself in terms of my placement within Australia and the world, as well as what I want contemporary culture to reflect. Taking care of my own country is also something I want to further explore. For me, this unit was very well rounded, exploring academic subject matter but also provoking meaningful dialogue". Ellyse Dahl