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Fly-in Fly-Out High School Workshops

In-School Workshops and Guest Lectures

Workshop Image TextFaculty of Arts and Design Academics have been busy developing workshops and lectures for your students to enjoy.

If you are interested in one of our talented academics coming out to your school, or feel like a student excursion is on the cards, book in a session with the Faculty of Arts and Design.

*Activities are 45min - 1hour

Don’t Miss Out! Enquire now: ATT: Dee @

Select from the following available activities:

Students will have an insight into how the design process is applied to solve design problems and come up with novel and creative solutions. Students gain a better understanding of what Industrial Design is all about as they test the design process by designing their own light!

The importance of design in everyday life and how multifaceted the role of a designer is! Students will learn about the world around them and the importance of design in every situation with examples from Visual Communication Design, Interaction Design and Industrial Design.

Gain an understanding of the short film pre-production process and work in groups to present a scenario for a 7-10 minute short film. The workshop is designed for students to have an understanding of the restrictions of the short film format in terms of narrative, characters, location and structure drawing on film industry standards.

Introduce media studies concept of ‘moral panics’ in a contemporary media environment and explore a ‘moral panic’ to better understand broader social anxieties about contemporary media environments.

The Built Environment is perfect for students passionate about making projects and getting involved in developing the world around us. This workshop is hands-on, working with materials students will design individual buildings/spaces introducing them to the design process as well as the scope of the built environment.

Worried about what the world is going to look like in 2050? Struggling to understand why it is so hard to find global solutions to contemporary problems? What skills does it require to think through and respond to complex problems at the global scale to empower you to work towards positive futures? This session starts to explore the key building blocks to develop the skills and capacities to contribute to a sustainable and culturally diverse global future