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Muminovic, Asst. Prof. Milica


Assistant Professor, Architecture
Faculty of Arts & Design

Bldg, Floor & Room: 7A, B25
Telephone: (02) 6201 2250
Facsimile: (02) 6201 5999


Assistant Professor at University of Canberra, Faculty of Arts and Architecture. She holds PhD from Keio University. Milica has held the position of Visiting Junior Research Fellow at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan, of teaching assistant at Faculty of Architecture, University of Novi Pazar, Serbia, of research assistant at Global COE Program and of teaching assistant at Keio University in Japan. Her present research extends the professional experience through studies conducted in Japan about identity, places, spaces in between architecture and urban design, public and private, with emphasis on residential architecture in Tokyo.

Areas of Teaching

  • Architectural and Urban Theories
  • Sustainable Architecture and Design

Research Interests

  • Architectural and Urban Design
  • Place Theories
  • Identity of the Place
  • Sustainable and Culturally Responsible Architecture
  • Assemblage Theories and their Application in Place Theories

Qualifications Obtained

  • PhD, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan
  • M. Arch, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade (2003-2008), Graduate Engineer of Architecture

Recent Publications

Journal Papers 

  • Muminovic, M., Radovic, D., and Almazan, J. 2013. On Innovative Practices Which Contribute to Preservation of the Place Identity: The Example of Yanesen, Tokyo. Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture 7 (3): 328-40.
  • Muminovic, M. and Radovic, D. 2013. Intensity and Identity of the place: the role of public-private interface in Nezu, Tokyo. Journal of the Faculty of Architecture Silpakorn University (accepted for publication in October)
  • Muminovic, M., Almazan, J., and Radovic, D. 2014. Shitamachi as an Assembled Character in Nezu, Tokyo. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering 13 (2): 365-72.
  • Almazan, J., Tairako, Y., Suzuki, M., Muminovic, M., Inoue, G. & Kawakubo, S. 2013. Cross-cultural participatory study on preferred public spaces. Re-imaging the Urban Identity of Alicante City (Part II). AIJ Journal of Architecture and Planning (77): 807-17

Book Sections

  • Muminovic, M. 2014. 'Urban Intensities- a case study from Tokyo', in Mn'M Workbook 3. Future Urban Intensities, edited by S. Honda. Tokyo: Flick Studio.
  • Muminovic, M. 2014. 'Bangkok derive', in Subjectivities in Investigation of the Urban. The Scream, the Shadow and the Mirror, by D. Radovic with Mn'M derive teams. Tokyo: Flick Studio.
  • Muminovic, M., Hashida, W., and Balboa, R.A. 2012. 'A Week of Derive-Mapping a Moment of Intensity: The Charts of Lives', in The Split Case: Density. Intensity, Resilience, edited by D. Radovic, et al. Tokyo: Flick Studio.
  • Muminovic, M. 2013. 'Intensity in Between', in Mn'M Workbook 2. Tokyo Dérive-In Search for Urban Intensities, edited by D. Radovic. Tokyo: Flick Studio. 

Architectural Magazines

The Barn House project has been published in:

  • Shinkenchiku, 9.2012, pp. 35-38
  • Shinkenchiku, 1.2013, pp. 37-42
  • a+u, 13:02. No. 509, pp. 44-47 



The first prize at the International Design Competition for the ‘Next Generation Sustainable House’ in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido. Title of the entry: “The Barn House”. Organization: LIXIL JS Foundation. Competition design team: Millica Muminović, Komatsu Katsuhito, Hashida Wataru, Shinohara Masato, Kato Yoshiaki, Sasamura Yoshihiro, with Darko Radović.  The barn house was built in November 2012.