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Accelerated Masters

Bachelor of Design + Master of Design Strategies Accelerated Masters

Combine your Bachelor of Design with a Master of Design Strategies and graduate with both awards in 4 years!

The Accelerated Master of Design Strategies allows you to combine your bachelor and master’s studies through integrated graduate units, shortening the length of your study to just 4 years!

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3 years in your Bachelor Degree (inclusive of 12 credit points (cps) of Graduate Study during your UG program) + 1 year Masters is a combined 4 years, receiving both your UG and PG Awards.

Step 1

Commence your 3 year UC Bachelor of Design.

Step 2In your 3rd year enrol in 12cps of Graduate Units
Step 3Graduate from your Bachelor Degree and receive your UG Award.
Step 4

Enter the Master of Design Strategies (48cps)

Step 5Complete your Masters in 1 year (EFTSL). 
Step 6Graduate and receive your PG Award.

Note: you will receive 12cps advance standing for your Graduate units studied in the Bachelor and 12cps of Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) for studying in a related discipline

Masters of Design Strategies


Students interested in undertaking the Accelerated Masters will need to commence their Bachelor studies in one of the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication Design)
  • Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design)
  • Bachelor of Design (Interaction Design)

For course and unit information on any the above degrees or our Master of Design Strategies:


For progression into the Master of Design Strategy Accelerated Masters, including undertaking 12cps of Graduate units in the 3rd year of the Bachelor of Design, students will need to have a completed 2 years of study (36-48cps EFTSL)


The Accelerated Masters is not available for students who have received external credit from previous studies, including pathway programs. However students who graduate from the above Bachelors who are not eligible for the Accelerated Masters, may be eligible for the 1.5year Masters pathway.

Faculty of Arts and Design student enquiries

Students considering the Accelerated Masters should contact the Arts and Design Student Liaison Officers.

Student Liaison Officers: