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FAD Winter Term Units

It's almost the end of Semester 1 and before you know it, it's Semester 2.  In the cold months between now and then we have our Winter Term that runs for 7 weeks starting on Tuesday 2nd June.

During winter term you can enrol in up to two units to do in "intensive mode", which means you can complete one, or two units in only 7 weeks (but it still counts as a full unit because it is compressed).



All Winter Term units are offered in virtual mode, which means you can do them even if you're not in Canberra over winter.  You can do any unit that's in your study plan that you have not completed, or choose units that you want to do as electives.

If you would like more information, please contact or if you feel confident about enrolling in a unit, go ahead and do it through MyUC.

Download Winter Term Flyer


While we have finalised the units for Winter.. Please note that we are still adjusting the timetable, and there will be minor changes to the schedule. Please stick with us while we are making these virtual adjustments.