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On-line Resources Register

Electronic Copying and Access to Teaching and Learning Materials On-line Resources Register

The University has policy and procedures for making teaching and learning materials available to students of the University electronically in the context of limitations imposed by the Copyright Act 1968 and an agreement between the University and the Copyright Agency Limited concerning such copyright materials. The primary mechanism for ensuring the University meets its obligations in this context is the University's On-line Resources Register.

The On-line Resources Register is accessible through MyUC Staff Portal (Applications > Teaching > On-line Resources Registration (ORR). 


On 4 March 2001 changes to the Copyright Act 1968 imposed new obligations on every member of staff who:

  • copies print or graphic works or broadcasts;
  • transmits electronically (for example, as e-mail attachment) copies of print or graphic works or broadcasts to staff or students; or
  • makes copies of print or graphic works or broadcasts available on-line (eg by uploading onto a server in a form which can be accessed).

The obligations pertain to materials in which copyright is not owned by the University or the staff member and arise from changes to the educational statutory licences contained in Part VA and Part VB of the Copyright Act.

In 2002 the University (through the then Australian Vice-Chancellor's Committee) entered an agreement with the Copyright Agency Limited regarding electronic copying and storage of copyright materials where copyright is held by others, and the materials were published originally in print form. For the University to make such materials available to its students and scholars the Copyright Act and the CAL licence conditions require-

  • Material must be on a secure site and available only to members of the University.
  • It must comply with quantity restrictions - one article from any one issue of a journal, or more than one article if they relate to the same subject matter.; 10% of a book PER INSTITUTION. An important limitation on the communication of works is that if the University wishes to make available online a reasonable portion of a work (other than an article ontained in a periodical publication) it can only do so if no other part of the same work continues to be made available at the same time. In other words, if one unit convenor has copied a chapter of a particular work, and made this available online, no other person in the University can make part of the same work available online until this first part is removed. The same part also cannot be made available on a different server or Moodle site while the first copy is still accessible.
  • Any copyright management information on the item must be preserved.
  • A full citation must accompany the item.
  • A regulatory notice must be attached.
  • Must be marked according to the Section of the Copyright Act relied on for the copying and communication;
  • Material should not remain on-line longer than 12 months at any one time.

In order to ensure that the University meets its obligations under the Copyright Act and agreements, the Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Committee has mandated the use of the On-line Resources Register for staff mounting material in electronic form. Use of this system is obligatory.

On-line Resources Register

The University has developed a system called the On-line Resources Register to meet its obligations as set out above and staff must ensure that materials being made available to students electronically are stored and communicated using this system.

The system comprises an electronic registration system with a storage option for electronic copies of copyright materials which are to be made available to students and staff of the University. The system has been designed to meet the requirements of the Copyright Act and to fit with requirements of the agreement between the University and the Copyright Agency Limited.

The system enables the staff member wishing to make an item available to a cohort of students to register the item, to see if the item is already available on the system and to upload the item to a secure server (if it is not already there) or to point to the item in another place within the University.

The system is available through MyUC Staff Portal to all members of staff and is called the On-line Resources Register

Staff wishing to store materials on a server other than a centrally supported server may do so provided that access is restricted to students and staff of the University. Users from outside of the University must only be able to gain access through appropriate password protection. Appropriate regular and secure back-up of the material is also necessary. All copyright materials being made available electronically must FIRST be registered in the On-line Resources Register .

Questions and Answers

What items must be registered?

Every item in which copyright is owned by somebody other than you and which you wish to make available on-line or distribute via electronic communication such as e-mail.

NOTE: However if the item which you wish to make available is already freely available online on a website external to the University (for example Highwire Press and Project Muse) you might just point to the URL of that website. No registration is necessary for such materials.

What do I do if the item is already available but I can't access it?

If an item is already registered on the On-line Resources Register but only accessible through Moodle or at a location to which you or your students don't have access, you need to ask the person who registered it to move it to a place where it can be accessed by all students (and staff) who need access.

I have an item for which I hold permission of the copyright owner to make available to my students. Do I need to register it?

Yes, it must be registered. Make sure a copy of the letter granting permission is lodged with the University Librarian.

How do I know who owns the copyright?

All works have an author and a publisher. In most circumstances the author is the initial owner of copyright (but not always). The copyright owner is usually identified on the page immediately following the title page of a work. You must preserve details of the copyright owner in the electronic copy of the work.

I already have teaching materials available on the web. Do I need to register them?

Yes. All copyright materials must be registered in the On-line Resources Register and must be located such that access is restricted to members of the University. The system will help you do this.

I have teaching materials available through E-Reserve which I have attached to my Moodle site. Do I have to register these?

Library staff will register these for you.

Must I use the Register?

Use of the On-line Resources Register is mandatory and staff failing to use it and just making copyright materials freely available over the network will leave themselves open to prosecution under copyright law (there are significant penalties which apply to an individual and to the institution permitting breaches, the penalties being enforceable under the Copyright Act 1968). You might also be subject to disciplinary action by the University for failure to comply with an instruction.

I have questions about the system and what I am supposed to do. Who do I ask?

For help in using the system, please contact the Liaison Librarian for your Faculty.   

(Revised and updated version of Staff Notice 2003/04)