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The Faculty of Arts and Design: Young Poets' Awards

Sponsored by the Dean, Faculty of Arts & Design, University of Canberra.

In 2017 'The Young Poets' Awards are open to all Year 11 and Year 12 students in the ACT and NSW. The awards seek to encourage young poets and to reward imaginative, well-crafted poems with a distinctive voice. The awards are administered by the International Poetry Studies Institute (IPSI) and Faculty of Arts and Design, the University of Canberra.


  • First prize $500, and work published on IPSI website
  • Second prize $250, and work published on IPSI website
  • Third prizes (x5) of $50, and work published on IPSI website

Congratulations to Our 2017 Winners

The awards, announced at the University of Canberra Open Day, 26 August, by Professor Lyndon Anderson, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Design, University of Canberra, sponsor of the awards are as follows:

3rd Prize ($50 each)

  • 'Tango' by Varsha Krithivasan, Hornsby Girls' High School: This poem has real verve, its language and rhythm expressive of the awkward nervousness of its subject.
  • 'Lungfish' by Campbell Winnett, Trinity Christian School: The simple repetitions of this poem have a trance-like quality which is highly engaging.
  • 'Steelworks Villanelle' by Elinor Stephenson, Smith's Hill High School: Even fulfilling the technical requirements of this form is a considerable achievement.
  • 'Them' by Melody Lehtonen, Hawker College: The shortest poem entered in the competition, it demonstrates the power of brevity.
  • 'Grave of the Butterflies' by Coco Huang, Hornsby Girls' High School: This poem demonstrates a particularly rich use of imagery and sensual language.

2nd Prize ($250)

  • 'Idyllic' by Leila Barry, UCSSC Lake Ginninderra: A poem that stands out with its delicate balance and remarkable images that linger in the mind, continuing to intrigue.

1st Prize ($500)

  • 'Acceptance' by Arushi Joshi, Hornsby Girls' High School: An exceptional poem that has poise and emotional depth – achieved through its clear-eyed attention to the moment.

The first two prizewinners are invited to read their poems at the final event within the University of Canberra poetry festival, Poetry on the Move, on Thursday 21 September, at 5pm.

All the prizewinners will be invited to have their winning poems published in Meniscus, the literary journal published by the Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP), edited by Jen Webb, Paul Munden, Paul Hetherington and Gail Pittaway.

Competition Entry

Entry for 2017 are now closed.

Submission guidelines

  • The maximum length: 40 lines.
  • There is no restriction on theme or style.
  • File type must be a word document


For More Information

Please feel free to send any questions in regards to the awards to Dr Paul Munden.