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Art Collection Updates

It is an exciting time in UC Collections with new acquisitions, lots of art movements and new displays being planned.
At the beginning of February, a collection of 14 etchings and prints were donated to the University from the personal estate of the artist, Judy Cassab. These works represent an artist who ranks alongside some of the greatest post-modern Australian artists of the late 20th Century. Many of Cassab’s donated works are simple but effective line drawings that show a range of figures in different situations. Not only are the works well composed but inspirational to the next generation of artists. The works will be on display in the reception area on the upper floor of the Canberra Specialist Medical Centre from 6 May onwards.

Just before Easter, two very large (and heavy) sculptures were moved to new locations around the Campus. Ante Dabro’s ‘Reclining Nude’, which was formerly on display outside Building 1, has been added to the Northern Concourse where her presence will help to provide a relaxed atmosphere to the common spaces. The Yo-yo by Michael Legrand also moved from outside Building 6 to its home in front of UC Lodge where it juxtaposes and contrasts with Phil Spelman’s Carmen outside Cooper Lodge. In Building 1, near the UC Research offices, the large work, Australian Pieta by Andrew Sibley, was hanged on display.  Andrew Sibley who is one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists created this work in 1996. Further works of art will be displayed in the coming months including in the Medical and Counselling Centre and Student common areas.

In looking forward, displays are also being planned for the Anne Harding Centre. The University of Canberra Wunderkammer will showcase some of the hidden gems from the six cultural collections on Campus. The displays are expected to be open in June.