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Marketing and Brand Procedure
The purpose of these procedures is to enable staff of the University of Canberra to access marketing services and brand assets to support their day-to-day activities. This document should be read in conjunction with the University’s Marketing and Brand Policy.
This procedure applies to all university staff and sub-brand entities which may utilise University design services.
Access to branded elements
A full range of sub-brand logos, photography, Word and PowerPoint templates and other resources are located in the Marketing and Communications (M&C) Business Unit of the MyUC staff portal.  These items can be downloaded for use according to the University Style Guide and in accordance with the Marketing and Brand Policy.

Submitting a Marketing Request
All other marketing requests can be made via the Marketing Services Unit using the online Marketing Requests form.
Marketing Services requests will be categorised as either Production Briefs or Creative Briefs, to gain efficiency in producing jobs:
  • Production Brief - (low design input and strategy requirement, re-use of existing templates, fast turn-around). Generally production jobs will be turned around within 10 working days depending on studio workload.
  • Creative Brief - (significant design work required, strategic/brand input required, includes media buy). 
Delivery dates for creative briefs will be negotiated with the client.
Face to face meetings between the Marketing Services Unit and the client may be required to discuss the brief.
All marketing bookings must have the approval of the area's senior manager or delegate, to verify the marketing of the product/service supports the unit's operational plan. A list of people authorised to sign off on jobs is embedded in the online web form.
All clients will be asked to periodically complete a satisfaction survey to help M&C improve marketing services.
Design Processing and Costs
The UC Marketing Services Unit will review and scope the brief and respond within 48 hours with a job number and expected turn-around times.
The vast majority of design requests will be completed in-house at no cost. Large or particularly complex jobs may incur costs to be passed onto the client. This will be negotiated at the time of job confirmation.
Where the Marketing Services Unit has delivered the marketing job according to the client brief (no errors), the client will have an opportunity to make two rounds of changes (the second round being error changes only), free of charge, and the job will be progressed to finished artwork.
If more than two rounds of changes are required because the client has changed their mind, there has been scope creep, or a briefing has not been sufficient, the client will be charged $110 per hour for further design work.
The Marketing Services Unit will provide all print and production quotes in advance for client approval.  The client will be charged for all production costs such as printing, production, assembly, installation and advertising purchase.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Who Responsibilities
Manager Marketing Services Ensure procedures are accurate and reflect relevant policies
Studio Coordinator Ensure procedures are followed and all communications with internal clients are clear, consistent and timely
Governing Policy and Legislation:
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