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Talent Acquisition Policy
The University of Canberra articulates an Employer of Choice position in its strategic plan through Pillar 1 – Our People – the drivers of our success. Our strategy sets out the action to find the highest calibre of people who demonstrate the expected behaviors to uphold the University’s core values, do their best at UC and contribute toward our ongoing and collective success. 
This policy outlines our commitment to search, screen and select a talented and diverse community.
The policy applies to the filling of all positions regardless of job category or employment status, and to all current and potential employees. 
Recruitment Principles
  1. Excellence - The University is committed to attracting, onboarding and retaining highly skilled, well qualified, experienced employees who embody the spirit of the culture of UC to provide excellent and innovative teaching, research, research training and administrative support of academic functions.
  2. Strategic alignment - The University’s search and selection practices support the achievement of the University’s strategic and operational objectives. Decisions to recruit should be made in the context of workforce planning and to consistently improve the performance and standing of the University.
  3. Equity and Transparency - The University’s search and selection methods ensure adequate assessment that delivers high quality selection decisions considered against the key capabilities and flexibility to ensure the best talent is not eliminated from the process.   All involved in talent acquisition should actively consider any personal unconscious biases. 
  4. Compliance - The University complies with all relevant legislation in the selection and appointment of employees.
  5. Candidate care - The University seeks to attract the best candidates, by defining roles accurately and advertising vacancies appropriately. Candidates should be treated with respect and communicated with in a timely manner.  Shortlisted candidates should be provided with post-interview feedback by the selection panel. Where psychometric assessments are utilized, qualified administrators will interpret and provide results to the selection panel, and to the candidate upon request.  All candidates have a right to privacy and confidentiality which will be respected by the University and its employees.
  6. Diversity and Inclusion – The University values equity and diversity and seeks to embody these values in its employees. The University promotes a diverse workforce by encouraging members of underrepresented groups to consider employment with the University.
  7. Efficiency - The University recognises that timely decision making is critical in securing the best possible candidate, and all processes should be conducted without undue delay. The University encourages the use of technology and flexibility, recommends panel sizes proportionate to the position being filled with relevant skills and experience on the panel, and shortlisting of appropriate numbers of candidates to allow for an efficient process.
  8. Recognising existing Talent – The university is committed to development opportunities for our internal labour market.  From time to time, suitably skilled internal candidates may be available for transfer to other roles. 
  9. Recognising and considering identified quality candidates from previous vacancies – the University will maintain a pool of quality, qualified candidates from which hiring managers can draw. 
  • Approval to commence search and selection activities and subsequent offers of employment are governed by the Delegations of Authority.
  • The Manager or Supervisor of the position (who may or may not be the Delegate or Chair) should ensure the Position Description and any supporting materials is written appropriately and is completed accurately and in a timely manner.
  • The Delegate and/or Chair is responsible for ensuring the decision is made in accordance with the principles stated in this policy, and that the procedural aspects (as outlined in the Recruitment Procedures) are followed.
  • Nominated Selection Panel Members are responsible for ensuring they are aware of, and abide by, the principles stated in this policy and that these principles are supported throughout the selection process.
  • People and Diversity provide the expertise, facilitate and advise on all aspects of talent acquisition. They are responsible for providing contemporary methods for finding and selecting great talent.
  • Faculty and Business Area Administrators assist with the completion of administrative paperwork if requested by a manager, supervisor or Chair.
Who Responsibilities
This policy is governed by the:
  • University of Canberra Enterprise Agreement 2019 - 2022 (and any subsequent agreements)
  • University of Canberra Act 1989
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • Age Discrimination Act 2004
  • Human Rights Act 2004
  • Racial Discrimination Act 1975
  • Privacy Act 1988
Supporting Information:
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  • Relocation Guidelines