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Council Remuneration Policy
1. Purpose:
To provide:
  • guidance for the payment of remuneration and out of pocket expenses to members of Council; and
  • detail any other benefits and/or entitlements due to members of Council.
2. Scope:
  1. This Policy applies to members of Council.
3. Principles:
3.1  Remuneration Determination
  1. Under section 11 (3) of the University of Canberra Act 1989 (ACT), Council has the power to determine the remuneration rates for all Council members, including external members.
  2. Where remuneration has not been set, the determination made by the ACT Remuneration Tribunal remains in force for members appointed by the ACT Chief Minister.
  3. Council may determine, from time to time, the remuneration payable to student members of Council.
  4. Staff members of Council or its committees are not entitled to additional remuneration as a member of Council or a committee.
  5. Any remuneration set by the Council must be passed by at least a two-thirds majority.
  6. Remuneration will be reviewed every three years by an external advisor.
  7. The Nominations and Senior Appointments Committee will make recommendations to Council on remuneration.
  8. Superannuation is additional to remuneration amounts determined by Council.
  9. Taxation is payable on all remuneration payments made to members and will be deducted from payments made by the University.
  10. Functions and other activities not relating to formal Council and committee meetings including reading time, travel time and attendance at graduations and other events is factored into the annual remuneration amount determined by Council.
3.2   Remuneration Payments
  1. Remuneration will be paid quarterly in arrears.
  2. All payments will be made by the University by direct deposit to an account nominated by the member.
  3. Members may choose to donate all or part of their payments to the UC Foundation.
  4. Elected staff members of Council and other academic and professional staff who are advisory or co-opted members of committees, are not separately remunerated for their role on Council or a committee. Membership is considered a valuable part of a staff member’s professional development and is supported by the staff member’s faculty or division.
  5. Members who commence or retire during the quarter will be paid a pro-rata rate based on the number of months in the quarter that they were members of Council.
3.3   Time relief for Staff Members of Council and Committees
  1. Staff members will be supported by their workplace through time release for meeting preparation and attendance at Council, committee meetings, Academic Board and other events.
  2. Meeting preparation should be the equivalent of the time allocated for the meeting. For example, if a Council meeting is scheduled for three hours then the expected preparation time for that meeting would be three hours.
3.4   Out of Pocket Expenses
All members of Council may, be reimbursed by the University for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in carrying out Council-related duties for which they are not otherwise reimbursed. For example, members may incur travel costs in order to attend meetings of the Council or Graduation Ceremonies.
4. Responsibilities:
Who Responsibilities
5. Legislation:
This policy is governed by the University of Canberra Act 1989 (ACT).
6. Definitions:
Terms Definitions
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